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Outline - The clean & simple framework.

Outline is simple CSS starter boilerplate for any new web project. It's a modular, mobile-first framework which includes today's best practices for responsive design and core components I use on every project.

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Visit Outline Mail website

Outline Mail - Making HTML email ridiculously easy.

Outline Mail is an email framework with a bunch of fully trusted responsive components to provide you a solid foundation for your HTML email project.

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See the Pen The 42b by Matt Harris (@matt-harris) on CodePen.

The 42b - Dark journeys in Cardiff.

Building a page and CSS animation promoting the 42b produced by We are Cardiff Press.

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We are Cardiff Press website

We are Cardiff Press

Building the site.

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See the Pen Parliament of Georgia logo by Matt Harris (@matt-harris) on CodePen.

HTML & CSS experiments

Finding nice work on dribbble and recreating it using HTML & CSS only.

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